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Laos: 1 Day - Nong Khiaw 100 Waterfalls Adventure Trail Trek - Nam Ou Region in Northern Laos

“Wow, wow, wow” was the glowing review from the first guests on this one-of-a-kind exploration tour. This trek guarantees you an amazing day in the Lao countryside, exploring the lush green jungle and endless waterfalls. Our exclusive ‘100 Waterfalls’ Tour has been featured in several international travel publications, with BBC even stating that it’s one of the best adventures in Laos! The adventure begins with a one-hour boat trip on the scenic Nam Ou River before you start on the challenging and exciting jungle hike through the newly discovered ‘100 Waterfalls’ trail. You will visit a village and learn about local life in Northern Laos before taking the boat back to Nong Khiaw (Nong Khiau).

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Adventure tour Trekking, Nong Khiaw waterfalls, Laos One day Laos Waterfall Adventure Hike!

Go trekking on the adventurous waterfall trail around Nong Khiaw
long the Nam Ou River in Northern Laos.


The 100 Waterfalls, a nature exploration hike in Northern Laos has been rated the "best adventure day trip in Laos"!!


"Wow,wow,wow..." was the immediate review from the first travelers to go on this simply amazing waterfall hike and river trip!!!


Start this day of adventure with a peaceful boat ride on the Nam Ou river where you will be able to explore a small Lao village along the riverside. Learn about the villagers and their way of life along this Northern Laos river before beginning the '100 Waterfalls Adventure Trail'!


Walking through small streams and rice paddies, you will arrive at the bottom of the 100 one hundred waterfalls in North Laos, Nong Khiau / Nong KhiawWaterfalls which were only first explored in October 2008! For the next few hours you will see only water and jungle and hear the constant sound of clear waterfall cascades. The pools around you are very inviting for a refreshing splash.


Your guide will lead you through the cascades and prepare a local style lunch that you can enjoy on the falls surrounded by amazingly green nature. 


A small village trail on the top of the '100 Waterfalls' will lead us on our hike back down into the valley, offering wide views over the expansive Nam Ou valley.


Once back in the village we will have some more time to experience the daily life of the Nam Ou riverside village before heading back to Nong Khiaw (Nong Khiau) by boat.


What To Bring:
- Normal fitness and outdoor clothing. Be ready to stay wet for a few hours while in the waterfalls.
- Bring jacket for the way down as it can get chilly in the late afternoon.
- You will be walking in the water.  Wear Teva style trekking sandals or shoes that can get wet!  Please do not wear flip-flops. Surprisingly the rocks and stones along the falls are not slippery but you'll need to watch your step while hiking through the jungle.

What Is Included:
- Lao food lunch
- Local guiding
- Village donations

Photo Gallery - Nong Khiaw 

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Fair Trek Initiative
Village donations are paid per client according to the "Fair Trek" initiative we follow. On each tour, we support villages along our trails with donations and pay local taxes that support the sustainable development of tourism in this region. Thank you for supporting us in our mission for a future where tourism benefits communities. More about Fair Trek!


See the blog of Tony Wheeler,
founder of the "Lonely Planet". He became one of the first people on the '100 Waterfalls' trail when  he returned to Laos in 2009 for the first time since the publication of his guidebook 'Southeast Asia on a Shoestring'. Our guides and other team members joined him for an adventure through the wild jungles along the '100 Waterfalls' trail.



Starts mornings:                    08.30 A.M. from Nong Khiaw, Nong Kiao

Total walking:                         3 hours, trip finishes around 4pm

Difficulty:                                Medium with some climbing and walking through a lot of water

Trekking in Laos, Adventure tour Laos

trekking the 100 waterfalls in Nong Khiaw


1 day "Nong Khiaw - 100 Waterfalls adventure trail" Join-in tour per person rate

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