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Laos: Nong Khiaw - "Mountain View Trek" - Half day trek, scenery and landscape hike above the Nam Ou in Nong Khiaw

Nong Khiaw adventure hike...You have limited time on your journey into the north or coming from the Nam Ou valley? Than this short hiking tour awaits you with some great surprises, wonderful forest, great landscapes and amazingly stunning views over a mountain chain and into the Nam Ou river valley...You guide will show you the way and explain abou this interesting region...

Exciting Half Day Mountain Tour...USD 40.00

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Mountain View Hiking 1/2 day tour

Half day hiking tour to one of the most dramatic and scenic mountain top spots in Laos


Mountain view hike around Nong Khiaw Nam Ou river valley

mountain view hiking tour Nong Khiau Nong Khiaw

This half day trip will guide you out of Nong Khiau (Nong Khiaw) and on top of the second highest point in sight. The short and adventurous trail guides you up into the jungle and ancient high altitude forests surrounding the town. Walking steep through hardly ever visited areas you approach one of the highest points of the region.

We get close to the most scenic view point overlooking the whole valley, the Nam Ou river and the town. The view invites you to rest and hang out on the fresh air mountain top. Stay some time to see the clouds and sceneries changing…

On clear days you can watch as far as 20 km to the northern mountains of Muang Ngoi area. If you come with limited time and can walk steep up and down than that’s a great and short adventure to take home!



Trekking in North Laos, Nong KhiauWhat to bring:

Good shoes + sun protection. We provide water and light food for you. Recommended in early mornings or later afternoons for best views, depending on season or weather!!



Mountain view tour info:

Starts any time before but latest around 2.30 P.M.

Total trip duration:                 4-5 hrs., walking only 3 hrs. in steep terrain,

Difficulty:                                medium but some difficult terrain, short but sweaty (after rain slippery)



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Nong Khiaw Laos Mountain Trekking