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Internship in Laos


Job in Laos / Work in Laos

If you are interested in having a great time in Laos, you can apply for an internship. Be aware as this is only for a season or a specific job/internship even. Come to Laos as web developer, office consultant, photographer, researcher, writer, staff trainer...climber or for marketing affairs if you are connected to a specific tourism market...




volunteer in Laos, internship tourism in Laos, work in LaosInternship in Laos, in Tourism
- Fair Trek - Marketing - Writing...

Earliest from mid July 2014 - min. 3 months possible.

Usually 1-2 Positions available, send over your viate and motivation,...the why, what, when thing, you know...

Please send to kathy (at) laos-adventures.com if you are interested in Fair Trek.
Please send to info (at) if for general business.


Deals can be made individually depending on individual skill set and personal agreement. We offer a very interesting cross-cultural work field for well managed self disciplined gap year people, students and individuals in search for a new direction in tourism and project related fields.

We have a great international team at Tiger Trail to work with and free trips for our surveys. We look for idealistic people with good social skills and the time for a bit of adventure (e.g.: Gap year people...). People who want to discover, experience something new and get away from a normal every day life in a new and challanging cultural environment.


If you speak some fluent English (minimum), German, French, Spanish or all of that and/or others and feel an interest for Laos and an adventurous work/internship field...just send us your resume/letter/CV and a short info of your skills and ideas. We hope to hear from you via email, the Team of "Tiger Trail Outdoor Adventures"


Internship / Voluntary work / Volunteer in Laos (also for Students)

volunteer in LaosIf you have experience in Tourism in general or in sustainable practice, community based tours, tourism management...you might think about spending some time in Laos or Luang Prabang. Our Tour Company is expanding its work with communities and nature tourism. We need help from others!

For example: public relations, staff training, intercultural training, research, tourism marketing, promoting good practices...


If you think you can help and at the same time do something for your studies, please send us an email with your CV and some background information about you.

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