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Real Estate in Luang Prabang, invest in Laos


Invest in Luang Prabang Luang Prabang real estate consulting!


Our local experience is your future profit...


As a local specialist and local business we help investors and interested persons to find their own project, business or even only their personal private villa. Enclosed you will find some information about our properties, projects and ideas that we can offer you in cooperation with our knowledge and sister company "Real Estate & Investment Consulting Luang Prabang".

A few investment projects are connected to tourism while others are of very personal nature, for retired people, or persons interested in taking over a business, lodge, resort or hotel...


Maybe you have thought about living in Laos!? Maybe you have thought about buying real estate in Luang Prabang? Or you are a scout for a hotel chain or other investors?

Here you may find help! We offer investment ideas and especially our well selected land and properties in Luang Prabang for international investors.


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40,000 sqm Land with Villa, Pool, Investment property, now for sale


Luxury Villa estate with land property and Lodge for sale in Luang Prabang


Real estate Laos, Luang Prabang, MP VillaThey are particularly suitable for construction projects and projects in the tourist branch. We mainly look for investors and buyer who look to construct 4 to 5 star top class resorts or private villas. Some of our properties reach a size of up to 10 ha and are extremely rare these days in Luang Prabang. Land is generally getting rare and prices seem to go up from day to day...if you wish to invest, do it before others take it...


Land can also be used for commercial real estate, housing construction projects and, of course, especially for private use! Please ask for personal meetings, conference calls or our proposals and close up shots for our diverse selection of properties.




Luang Prabang Real Estate, invest in LaosWe look forward to welcoming you to one of the most fascinating places in Asia , Luang Prabang. In Laos growing tourism and trade is strengthening the country. Rapid developments play for investors! Luang Prabang is especially in need of investments in the tourism industry and high class accommodation sector. Luang Prabang is booming, while the world is looking into an economic depression. Here you can count on progress. Please contact us for more information and visit us for personal consultation.

With my best regards,

Markus and Team


We offer you free land visits, consultation and in case of business cooperation we help running papers for your company, investment or hotel for a small fee upon personal agreements.


Please write us if you are interested in investing in Laos or especially in the below listed projects which we facilitate and offer to take part in. It is mainly interesting for medium size investors who look for a long term revenue in the new tourist destination of Luang Prabang.


A.) House rental and property sales opportunities
in various locations around Luang Prabang

B.) Eco-Lodge Hotel Investment & Project 2010 in Cooperation with an NGO

C.) Tourism Investment in Laos : Inbound, Incoming Operator for 2010

D.) Franchise cooperation with "Tiger Trail Outdoor Adventures"
Office Expansion within Laos , Partners and medium size investors wanted

E.) Housing estate project, Land development for apartments, villas 2010+

F.) Foreign Investment in Social Project  with profit orientation and
integration in a local social foundation
for poverty reduction



If interested please write to invest (at) laos-adventures.com


Who has made Foreign Investment, some web sites:










Luang Prabang real estate, land for sale, invest in Laos


real estate in Luang Prabang, hotel project Real estate Luang Prabang, Resort project