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New York Times about Laos


New York Times says:

LAOS is number one destination 2008 say NYT


Laos Travels Laos is shaping up
to be Indochina's next hot spot. Ancient sites like the Wat Phou temples in the south, the cute capital city of Vientiane are drawing more and more culture seekers into Laos. Beautiful Hotels, colonial heritage, teak houseboats and amazing nature sights are bringing a growing number of interested travelers in the region on the Mekong. Small cities like Luang Prabang, the "jewel of the Mekong" are getting more up market and and global nomads are heading to Luang Prabang to enjoy the beauty of the place, the temples, monasteries...

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Though the information on the New York article are extremely small and not very precise. Also the press release is focusing only on very standard activities and just the upper class hotels, which are full all over the year anyways!

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