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Press information about Laos,
Tiger Trail and Fair Trek, Elephants and much more...


As one of the oldest Ecotourism and Adventure Travel Specialists in Laos,
we have been contacted by journalists as well a film makers during the last years.
Here we have only a small collection about recent publications, or links to other sites that are related to our work and services in Laos.


Wanderlust Award 2010,
Wanderlust Travel Awards 2010 Top City in the world,

Voted Number 1 LUANG PRABANG

“Luang Prabang is one of those rare traveller towns where as soon as you arrive you feel right at home,” wrote reader Lucy Palmer of your perennial favourite city.

“Maybe it’s the languid pace of life instilled by the monks, maybe it’s just being in the shadow of those majestic temples; maybe it’s the presence of the mighty Mekong – but the whole place makes you slow down, forget any stress and just appreciate the environment around you. Yes, there are things to see and do, but that’s not the point. Luang Prabang is simply a great place to be.”


The "Lonely Planet" founder Tony Wheeler visiting Tiger Trail Laos (2009)
Tony Wheeler has been working and traveling with us for a production of National Geographic Television. See his short trip around new trails in Nong Khiau


Travelfish.org has something to say as well
See the linked story about our Elephant project and camp which offers various adventure trips for you...


MSNbc is reporting about Laos
where the hell is...see some movies


MSNbc reporting: Cicades for dinner? - read about some great Lao food

Caring for Elephants,
Responsible Tourism Guide to the Mekong Region writing about us and our project and Elephant interaction programs.


The experience: Fair Trek is a specialist brand of ecotourism developed by Tiger Trail Outdoor Adventures that is committed to putting something back into the communities and environment that it visits. A wide range of tours are offered which combine trekking with kayaking, mountain biking or elephant riding in the mountainous hinterland of Luang Prabang, together with visits to the indigenous communities participating in the Fair Trek programme.


is featuring news for travelers including Laos for the first time. An Internet release about our Elephant Project in Luang Prabang and the Mahout Program which had another fascinated visitor...
AskMen Magazine - 3 days in Laos - with our Elephants


Newest release in the magazine SmartTravelAsia.com
Information and an informal guide to the world heritage town of Luang Prabang
Check out the report written by JO BAKER.

A LUANG PRABANG GUIDE, by smarttravel asia


Asian News July 2009 - Laos, Luang Prabang


Nine MEN reports by Gemma Pitcher
wrote a nice story about the amazing Mahout Experience and the Lodge in Luang Prabang which is connected to Tiger Trail within the Elephant Park Project.
"All about the Elephants" - the MSN online Magazine

made a magazine promoting sustainable tourism in Laos and neighboring countries. Also our Elephant Project found a place in there.
Stay-another-da.org art


Harry Usher br /Harry Usher writing about his Bike Tour in Northern Laos/p"Around Northern Laos on a bike" - The Gazette{59E7863E-03D8-4ECB-8D70-494ABAEFE59D}{59E7863E-03D8-4ECB-8D70-494ABAEFE59D}


About Laos and
"Luang Prabang's our little secret" by the "The First Post"



You are a journalist or travel writer?
Than contact us about latest news and great story or filming opportunities such as the majestic Mekong, the hidden Jungles of North Laos, Hilltribes and secret rivers...and much more. We can organize and set up your trip to find out more.