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Nong Khiaw, North Laos

2-3 day programs with home stays and cultural interaction in Laos


The Fair Trek Culture Home Stay Project is a ground-breaking new initiative created and managed by Tiger Trail Outdoor Adventures benefiting Lao communities and their inhabitants through controlled tourism activities in Lao home stays.


If you are interested in experiencing the hill-tribe and minority life in a remote village in Laos and wish to make a life-changing difference in their quality of life, you should join us!



Location of Home Stay & "Fair Trek" initiative
Ban Nalung village is located 25 km south-west of Nong Khiaw near the Nam Ou river, nestled in a narrow valley surrounded by magnificent 1200m lime stone mountains. In cooperation with Tiger Trail the Lao government and the village chief/villagers we have created a two-day activity visit for our guests to experience the life and rich culture. Earnings from your “Fair Trek” visit are invested in the Village Fund to improve health care, Nong Khiaw, Laos home stayeducation and local infrastructure. Currently the lack of a school and water system undermine this village's future.
Help us make a difference!


The Home Stay program
is a unique opportunity to work hand-in-hand with local villagers and learn about their culture and way of life. Our experienced “Fair Trek” guides and interpreters will be with you throughout your stay. You will be introduced to your host family who will share their delicious Laos cuisine in the evening and you will sleep in the picturesque Village community home stay. Enjoy a cultural experience on your Laos visit and give back to the communities.


Your adventure tour
begins by hiking for 2-3 hours through rice paddy fields and pristine forests to the Khamu & Hmong village consisting of about 330 inhabitants. Your first glimpse of village life will be out of a long forgotten time…it seems. Here still pigs, chicken, ducks and children are roaming freely as villagers go along with their daily life of weaving, gardening, planting, and child-rearing. Laos Tour, Home stay visit in LaosUnder the houses, resting places are full of life with chatter. The small river is also a central point in their daily life.


You will stay
overnight in the newly created Culture Lodge Home Stay within the village with spectacular views of the sounding mountains and river. The home stay Project is initiated by Tiger Trail Outdoor Adventures, but fully owned by the community who benefits from each visitor and all income and donations made into their village!


Tiger Trail Outdoor Adventures
is a pioneer in community engagement and sustainable tourism in Laos and operates since year 2000. The privately owned company is the first company in Laos following the approach of social entrepreneurs creating win-win situations for unprivileged communities raising funds for them. Tiger Trail Outdoor Adventures is well respected for its engagement and initiatives setting milestone examples for other businesses to follow.


Learn more about our School Project


Learn more about Fair Trek, which was invented by Tiger Trail


Clay school project video, completed in 2012


Join us to help make life better in Laos. We guarantee this experience will touch your soul and we know it will change the community’s life.


Welcome to Ban Naluang "Fair Trek" Home Stay Village



History of the project village:

Lao-Lum Village with settlement of Khamu who settled about 25 years ago. Joined 5 years ago by Hmong minority and living together in the valley from the fields, mountains and local agriculture. The village maintains a rich and diverse culture with remarkable differences between the various ethnic groups. Especially in culture, religion, way of live, language, handicrafts etc.


Why was Ban Nalung village selected as a “Fair Trek” village?

Home stay Fair Trek project LaosThe needs and lack of opportunities for income generation in the village were outstanding and obvious immediately when Tiger Trail first has started including the village on trekking tours. Also the enthusiasm and the interest of the village to receive visitors has helped us to set up the planning and structuring process to implement “Fair Trek” activities.   The location as well as the ethnic and cultural diversity is nearly unique and accessibility is fairly easy compared to other destinations.


How will we get to the village?

You will be taken by private bus to a drop-off point outside of Nong Khiaw, near the Nam Ou river. From there you will trek about 2-3 hrs through fields and forest to reach the Ban Naluang Village . The scenery is breathtaking and of intense beauty.


Where will I be staying during my visit?

Nong Khiaw, North Laos tour home stayYou will be a guest at our new Culture Lodge Building which can host up to 6 visitors at a time. Bedding is provided and families will take care of the place. Though you are a guest of the villagers themselves, the local tourism committee has decided that visitors should be given privacy and a minimum of distance to the village life, due to the cultural differences (foreigners tend to sleep a bit longer for example) . In some cases we can of course arrange overnight stays in a villager’s home!   There is currently no electricity but candles are provided. A western-style outdoor toilet is available and washing is river-style…


What are some of the activities I can do?

As a visitor on one of our guided programs you can take part in a big variety of activities, all depending on the season and the villager’s activities. Cotton processing, natural dyes, basket making, animal tending, gardening, planting, Lao village style cooking, harvesting, school visits, carpentry and English teaching are just some of the activities…and you can experience a wide variety if you should decide to stay longer than our suggested 2 days.

Laos Home stay project

What is the role of the “Fair Trek” Guide?

The guide will be with you throughout the trip providing explanations, introductions and answering your questions. He/she will also lead discussions and interviews with the local leaders and villagers who will personally host you for any of the chosen activities offered on your visit. The guides are an important part of your tour, bridging cultures through their experience with foreign visitors.


What   should I bring? Keep it light. Trekking shoes, sandals, a warm jacket for the evening between October and February, towel, Flashlight, Bug Spray, Silk or light cotton sleep sack if you wish the comfort/inflatable pillow if desired. Toiletries, Pictures of your family and home town, camera, Books/pens/paper for children if desired, extra money if you wish to donate to one of the villagers projects.


Laos Home stay project Where will we eat? Is the food and water safe? Your first lunch and water will be provided by our guides who prepare the food in Nong Khiaw, your starting point. Following that, a host family will prepare typical Laos cuisine adjusted to the foreign taste, concerning the spices only. Boiled water is fine there as well and will be available for drinking throughout your stay as a local tea. We are currently also collecting donations for a solar powered water purifying system.


Other Information:
Your guide will discuss local customs and do’s and don’ts on the trek. You may see villagers in need of medical attention. The best way for you to help is the built in contribution your trip is making. You can always make a special donation to the Village Fund before you leave and by leaving your contact and email details Tiger Trail will guarantee to report after using your donation in the field required.


Sample Laos Home Stay Itinerary:

Day One of Culture Home Stay  experience
9:00 a.m. Culture Lodge, Laos TourDepart Nong Khiaw by local TukTuk, then proceed with trekking to the Village arriving around 12:00 noon. Settle into the Culture Lodge! 12:00 Lunch at the Lodge on view point or in villagers house, after food break

1:30 Guide information and Village visit, orientation walk

2:30 Participate in chosen village activity offered on the day you visit        
(may change depending on season and villager’s activities)

5:00 Free time to explore or rest at Culture Home Stay

6:00 Preparation of local style food, Dinner with host family

7:30   Discussion/Interviews with chief on village and future developments, history, local life style, story telling, welcoming ceremony  

9:00 Back to Lodge for the evening…take a rest


Day Two of Culture Home Stay experience

6:30 Morning chores! Bath in the river…?

7:30 Breakfast with host family

8:30 Particpate in chosen activity follow the villager’s life

12:00   Meet with Female Village Head for discussion and interview

1:00 Free time or shop for crafts…

2:30 Depart back to Nong Khiaw by Trek or extend your hiking tour to another home stay activity (add. 2-3 hours on trek to the village of Payong )

5:00 Arrive in Nong Khiau – end of service